Friday, August 28, 2009

How Cars Will Drive Us

Self Driving Cars
Within less than 15 years cars of the future will be self-driven autonomously to wherever and whenever you want. Cars will be intelligent, utilizing GPS technologies, with no need to lay expensive cables into existing highway systems which would be extremely costly to implement. Instead these new vehicles will have advanced radar sensing capabilities which will detect hazards such as a bicycle, pedestrian, or even a chuck hole in the roadway.

The cars will also speak to one another, those in proximity will share information to work harmoniously in a flowing network of live streaming vehicles. People will simply get in there car and tell the car their destination and sit back and relax, conduct business or otherwise enjoy the ride as they are swiftly and safely chauffeured to their destination.
Children can be driven to school in a secure mode while Mom can monitor their safe arrival all while working from her home office.

In the early stages of implementation the costs for such vehicles will be expensive so families, friends and even communities may share their intelligent cars. After all it is rather inefficient to have such a vehicle sitting many hours idle in a garage or office while others could make use of it. The car will be on call, know it's schedule and yours as well, integrate life and leisure seamlessly.

Onboard sensors will detect any altercations in vehicle performance and schedule maintenance in downtimes. Costs will be distributed among the co-owners evenly according to usage.

Since accidents will be a thing of the past rates will shift downward dramatically. Although these savings may be offset for a time until the purchase price of the vehicles adjust to economies of scale.